Anthony Seure

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Hello 👋 I'm Anthony, software engineer working at KMTX, previously at Algolia and Aircall. I work remotely from France.

Hire me as a Sr. Software Engineer

I'm not actively looking for a new position, but I'm open to opportunities located in Paris, France or to remote positions available to French citizens located in France.

I'm mostly a backend developer with strong practical and academical knowledge of software engineering and infrastructure deployment. I also have strong interests in system programming, languages and programming paradigms.

My most notable works are:

  • Design and implementation of distributed systems (mainly asynchronous pipelines), using Cloud services or self-hosted solutions, for low-latency application under medium load (tens of thousands QPS);

  • Maintainer and releaser of the official open-source libraries interfacing the Algolia REST API with many programming languages and ecosystems: mainly Go, Java and Scala. I was also overseeing the development of the PHP, C#, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Kotlin and Swift libraries with their respective maintainers;

  • Porting of a Java analytics pipeline monolith, hosted on bare metal, to a Go distributed application, hosted on multiple GCP services, while adapating all the REST APIs from an existing Scala application;

  • Speaker at small-to-medium software and tech-related conferences in France and Europe (see the Talks section);

  • Mentoring some engineers regarding technical topics such as Git and Algorithms & Datastructures.

Hire me as an engineering teacher or trainer

Since 2019, I'm also available as a freelancer. I'm able to provide software-related courses and professional trainings, either in French or in English.

If you are the head of pedagogy in an engineering school, contact me if you are looking for a teacher regarding the following subjects:

  • Object-Oriented Programming (course already built)

  • Complexity Theory (course already built)

  • Algorithms & Datastructures (course already built)

  • Asynchronous Programming

  • Go / Golang

  • Java

  • Git

Depending on what you need, I'm able to build theoretical courses, practical exercises, and prepare exams, either from scratch or based on your own materials.

If you are an engineering manager, contact me if you are looking for professional trainings for your team regarding the following topics:

  • Software best-practices / Clean Code

  • Go / Golang

  • Java

  • Git