Hello 👋

I am Anthony Seure, remote software engineer at Aircall, working from France. Previously, I worked for Algolia in Paris, France. You can contact me by email at anthony.seure@gmail.com, and you can find me as @aseure on most social networks, such as Twitter and Github, but also LinkedIn.

Hire me as a Sr. Software Engineer

I’m not actively looking for a new position, but I’m open to opportunities located in Paris, France or to remote positions available to French citizens located in France. I’m mostly a backend-developer with strong practical and academical knowledge of software engineering and infrastructure deployment. I also have strong interests in system programming, languages and programming paradigms. My most notable works are:

Hire me as an engineering teacher or trainer

Since 2019, I’m also available as a freelancer. I’m able to provide software-related courses and professional trainings, either in French or in English.